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This industry accelerates too fast for traditional education establishments. In fact, the innovation is so quick that you are already behind the curve upon graduation. I have two (2) degrees in the related field, but staying current requires continued study and practice to see what new capabilities are availalbe and how to use them.

web skills

Web Design

A lot has changed in only a few years. Not only have new methodologies like "mobile first" been adopted, but the updated HTML5 and CSS3 languages allow far more functionality than previously existed. Design should always follow function. As Front-End development continues to change, so will design.

Website Examples
print skills

Print Design

From metallic inks & foils to pearl finishes, rounded corners or perforated sections, special order print services are first class on a budget. Even if fancy business cards and brochures are not quite what you had in mind, don't forget that this skill also includes photo restoration and logo design.

Print Examples